From Greece with Love…


One of my favorite destinations for a summer vacation is Greece. And for the past four years, I have been spending my summer holidays there, and honestly, I cannot get enough of it. I love the weather, the food, the beaches, the architecture, the language, the little shops, and the cafes…

Recently, I returned from a ten-day holiday in Kavala which is a wonderful city situated on this beautiful bay just across from the island of Thasos.

The city is not very big and crowded but it is not too small either. There are plenty of things to do and places to visit in Kavala and the city possesses the charm of a small town. 

A lovely place to go for a walk in Kavala is the Old Town – Panagia. This is the area where the first citizens of Kavala lived. The atmosphere there is wonderful – cobblestone roads, little cafes, bars, and taverns where you can enjoy a typical local meal and some drinks. It is a quiet place perfect for afternoon walks and sightseeing.

This is also the area of the city where you can find most of its historical sights. 

But the most fascinating of all, for sure, is the Castle of Kavala, a beautiful and well-preserved fortress located at the highest point of the Old Town. The central tower of the fortress offers a unique view of the city of Kavala, its port, and the island of Thasos – it is simply breathtaking and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting!

Some more places to visit in the Old Town (for anyone who enjoys sightseeing) are Mohammed Ali’s Residence, Halil Bey Mosque, and the Imaret

Other than sightseeing, Kavala offers really great beaches, too! 

My personal favourite, and the place where I spent most of my holiday, is located outside the city, about 4 km west of Kavala. It is about 5 minutes away from the city center by car and it lies on a beautiful natural bay. There is a big parking lot in front of the beach complex. Inside, there are changing rooms, showers, you can find all important amenities at the beach such as umbrellas and comfy beach lounge  beds. There are also two beach bars, a tavern that offers lovely food, a swimming pool and a beach volleyball court! 

 The water is crystal clear (very salty) and it’s perfect for snorkelling, which is another favourite activity of mine. There are so many types of little fish swimming around and they are pretty used to people, too. You can also see sea urchins, octopi and crabs in the waters close to the nearby cliffs.

I spent my days there just chilling at the beach, reading books, drinking frappes, tanning, swimming…. In the evenings we went for walks in town, drank ouzo (me – not so much), we ate a lot of fresh sea food in the local taverns and of course loots of ice cream! I can’t even imagine a more perfect way to relax. 

Kavala is a wonderful summer destination for your holiday and if you are ever nearby, you should definitely pop for a visit!


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