A Day in Milan & Lake Iseo

lake view

Recently I went on a 4-day trip to Italy and I visited my favorite Milan where I used to live and study in my early 20s. Without a doubt, I really love the city and I am always happy to go back whenever I can.

It should be noted that the main reason for my trip was actually Metallica’s concert (which I will have a separate post about) and thus I didn’t have much time for shopping.

Still, I did visit a few of the iconic spots in the city – the Milan Cathedral, Sforzesco Castle and The Naviglio Grande Canal. As usual, there were hundreds of people in front of the Cathedral, trying to take the perfect shot of the magnificent building. Indeed, it is breath-taking, especially when you’re seeing it for the first time. 

Even so, my favorite parts of the city are not the crowded places near Duomo. Alternatively, I’d much rather walk down the quiet streets around it, eat ice cream and immerse myself in the atmosphere of this ancient city.

Undoubtedly, a picnic in the park of  Sforzesco Castle and a stroll down the shores of Naviglio Grande are just a couple of ideas you should consider, (especially if you’re visiting Milan in spring time).

Unfortunately, I didn’t really have time for a picnic myself but I did eat an ice-cream and drank some wine in one of the cozy little restaurants by Navigli.

And so, I spent the whole day wandering around the city, visiting my favourite spots, enjoying the weather and remembering my university years spent in the city. It was a refreshing experience..

The second part of the journey was a wonderful day trip to lake Iseo.

It was my first time visiting and I loved it!

We visited a small island in the middle of the lake, called Monte Isola, which is a 10 min boat ride away from the mainland. You could easily walk across it and around it in a day. And it was such a quiet, beautiful, and romantic place.

So we walked along the shore and it was really breathtaking…the view, the swans and ducks in the lake, the beautiful houses with front gardens… The whole atmosphere was splendid.

Also, this is the place where Christo set his Floating Piers art installation that allowed people to actually walk on water! 


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